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Storytelling is an ancient oral art that has bonded people and promoted curiosity and understanding for thousands of years. It involves the teller bringing her own creative interpretation to a story, breathing life into it with her heart and unique abilities. Storytelling is not reading aloud, but rather a performance of word and tradition. Most of my stories are traditional folktales, passed down through generations and ultimately singing to me. I specialize in stories from the Celtic tradition and east Africa, based on collecting stories in Scotland and Kenya. I also tell trickster tales from around the world, literary tales from books, and delightfully creepy stories to chill anyone’s bones. My performances are tailored according to the audience, from young child to adult.
Heather McNeil

Fee Information

My fee is generally $300 per day, with a maximum of four performances, plus travel expenses. However, please contact me for details and negotiations.

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