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Stories! That's what I'm all about. Stories that I write for early readers to teens. Stories to read aloud at storytime. Stories I tell through the ancient performance art of storytelling. Stories that enhance early literacy skills and prepare a child for reading. Stories that introduce concepts such as social emotional learning, diversity, and STEM. I lead interactive workshops for librarians, teachers and parents. I offer performances for anyone who wants to hear a world story well told from the heart. I use my experiences as a children's librarian and manager of many years, and as a third generation storyteller, to bring the love of reading and storytelling to you. Read More

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Professional storyteller, writer, and early literacy/storytime skills trainer

Hyena and the Moon

Hyena and the Moon

Stories to Tell from Kenya.

The Celtic Breeze

The Celtic Breeze

Stories of the Otherworld from Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Read, Rhyme, and Romp

Read, Rhyme and Romp

Early Literacy Skills and Activities for Librarians, Teachers and Parents.

Read, Rhyme, and Romp

Bringing Heart and Mind into Storytime

Using Books and Activities to Teach Empathy, Tenacity, Kindness, and Other Big Ideas.

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